Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pure Coconut Oil

Pure Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is made by pressing the coconut meat ("copra"). Coconut oil is unusually rich in short and medium chain fatty acids. Coconut Oil is rich in saturated fats, many food manufacturers are replacing more expensive unsaturated oils.
Many studies suggest that the use of pure coconut oil is good for your skin. It is a good option if you heal and protect your skin. It helps keep skin smooth and can easily absorb. There are even reports that the use of pure coconut oil can help reduce the signs of wrinkles. However, the use of pure coconut oil has helped them with the most important concerns, including eczema and psoriasis skin.
Pure coconut oil helps keep the tissues inside the body moisture so that the outer layers do not show signs of aging. You can also use pure coconut oil on scalp and hair.
NOW 100% Natural Coconut Oil is naturally rich in saturated fats safe for the skin, making it perfect for use on all complexions. This unique non-greasy oil goes smoothly to leave skin silky and fresh. Derived from Philippine coconuts using an extraction process, solvent free, Now 100% Natural Coconut oil is natural response to the soft skin.

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