Monday, October 25, 2010

Coconut Soap

Coconut Soap:
A combination of olive oil, palm oil, fresh olives, coconut and some other botanical oils have resulted in the formation of the very excellent natural soap called the coconut soap. Coconut soap is made out of all the said components that have made the experience exotic when it comes to bathing. Instead, the constituents and formula of the soap are all well suited for all skin types. The coconut soap suits all the age levels as well as it has no side effects at all.
Pure Life Soap Co. Coconut Bar Soap is a 100% pure nutritive soap. Soothing coconut oil gently softens skin for a genuine tropical treat! Pure Life Soap Co. Coconut Bar Soap moisturizes dry or damaged skin, reduces cellular protein loss, performs micro-exfoliation, and reduces damage from UV exposure. This Coconut Bar Soap contains organic ingredients. Coconut Bar Soap is completely free of parabens, alcohol, petroleum, artificial dyes and fragrances.

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