Friday, October 22, 2010

Coconut Body Lotion

Coconut Body Lotion:
Dry skin has a low level of sebum and can be prone to sensitivity. The skin has a dried up caused by its inability to retain moisture. It usually feels "tight" and painful after washing unless some type of moisturizer or skin cream is applied. Chapping and cracking are signs of extremely dry, dehydrated skin.
Coconut Body Lotion is for dry and damaged skin. Coconut Body Lotion is a tropical treatment to soften and soothe sun-stressed skin. It is amazing after sun treatment! Coconut Body Lotion is made with licensed natural ingredients. It is completely free of parabens, alcohol, petroleum, artificial dyes and fragrances.
Coconut Body Lotion contain the natural remedial and amazingly moisturizing properties of jojoba oil, vitamin-e, aloe-vera, as well as extracts of cucumber, thyme, arnica & ginseng. This lotion doesn't disappear or evaporate after a few minutes! Coconut Body Lotion leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth for hours after use.

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